Scrivener doesn't seem to be able to handle large tables very well, anything I can do?

I’m using Scrivener to write a homebrew campaign setting book for D&D 5e, this necessarily requires a lot of large tables, d100, tables of backgrounds allowed in the setting, random encounters, etc… I’m currently working on a 68 row 2 column table in a text file that has 1533 words with 9161 characters, but Scrivener is already slowing down significantly.

I’ll type “Charisma” in a cell and then wait 10 seconds (I filmed my screen and timed it, it was actually 10 seconds, no exaggeration) for the text to appear on the screen, if I try and select a piece of text to copy and paste or delete, I have to wait 3-5 seconds after I finish dragging the cursor for it to appear as selected, if I click into a new cell I have to wait 3-5 seconds for my cursor to appear there.

I wouldn’t say this is a deal breaker, yet, but I did spend £47 on this software and this issue is slowing down my workflow substantially, is their anything I can do to fix this?

I’m not sure how to check what version I’m on, but when I click Help > Check for Updates… it tells me that Scrivener is up to date

Also just want to clarify that my computer isnt slow, I’ve written over 10000 words in this project already, including files with many more words than this, and this is the only file giving me a problem.

I’m using the Mac version; but yes, in my modest opinion table handling is one of the weakest features of this most excellent application. But I have no doubts this will be addressed in a future version.

If I remember rightly in a previous posts KB talked of this. Both versions are dependent on the table code provided by Mac TextKit and Qt respectively, both of which are limited in what they can do. Speaking from the Mac side—Though I would imagine the same is true for LAP and Tiho—he said the problem was not just having to create the table code for the Scrivener editor, but also having to build converters so that the resulting tables could be compiled to rtf, docx, md etc.

Many years ago, KB said that styles was too complex to build into Scrivener, but he found a way to do it in V. 3, and he has built a proprietary docx converter for the Mac version which in my experience is better than the third party one, so you never know.

As for the Windows version, again, who knows?



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Windows user here.

Help > About Scrivener will tell you the version. It’s important to note whether you are using the Windows production version 1.9.16 or the Windows v3 beta.

I completely agree with the other posters that table handling has been one of Scrivener’s weakest areas. Fortunately for me, I rarely have a need for tables, and anything complex I just throw in Excel.

Be aware that Windows version v3 is under development, and it is possible that table handling for the v3 version has improved over the 1.9.16 version.

I am a daily user of the Windows v3 beta. I can run a beta test for you, if you like, of the beta’s table handling. Upload a sample project with a problematic table: create a new blank project, copy your table into it, then do Backup Up Now to a zipped file and upload the zipped file.