Scrivener doesn't start


When I click on the Scrivener icon in the dock, it jumps and seems to start. The blue dot appears. But there doesn’t come up any Scrivener window, nothing at al. Not in the other screens (Cmd-Arrow), not even after restarting the system and retrying (sooo windows…).

Can you help me out?

Thank you very much,


Two questions, because I’ve had this happen…

  1. Do you have Scrivener set to show the template picker window if no projects are open? Or in other words, when you click the icon and launch the program, does Scrivener show up in the menu bar at the top of the screen, but no windows are open? I’m assuming not, but it’d certainly be the easiest answer. :wink:

  2. Assuming it’s not one, did you close Scrivener with a project open? If so, it’s presumably trying to relaunch that project and the project has a corrupted file and won’t start. This happened to me; I’d had to force quit and then I couldn’t always get the project (or Scrivener) to open again, and right clicking the dock icon would show the “Application Not Responding” message. Deleting the corrupted file straight from the .scriv package took care of the problem. In my case I knew which file it was, so it was an easy matter to extract it from the package; if you didn’t have any trouble with the project before, though, you may have to sort your files in batches to find the one that’s not working, if this is the problem.

Meanwhile, to test this, move the project to another location (via Finder) and launch Scrivener. Since Scrivener won’t be able to find the project, the program should open properly and you can carry on with business and know that it’s that project causing the problem.

If that’s the case, navigate in Finder to your .scriv project and right-click to choose “show package contents,” then go through Files/Docs. If you have a good guess as to which is causing the problem, use QuickLook to browse for the file or use the search bar (inside the package) to find the file. Try opening it in an external program (e.g. Preview for PDFs, TextEdit for .rtfs). If one of these is causing the problem, it won’t open properly in that program either, and you can remove it. Alternatively, if you have no idea which is at fault, you can just start testing by removing half the files to a temporary folder outside your project, then trying to launch the project. If it opens, great; one of those files was the problem, and you can start moving them back in in batches until the project doesn’t open, then repeat with that narrowed down selection of files until you find the corrupt one(s). I’d start with any PDFs you have imported to the project, since those are the files I most often see mentioned on the forums as the trouble-causers. Mine, for what it’s worth, was a .rtf with a huge, nasty, invisible table that was wreaking havoc. (That’ll teach me to import “ready to print” emails!)

So that’s one idea.

Thank you very much! You really helped me out!

I just opened a .scriv file by clicking on it and everything was ok…big sigh…

Now I have to find out which project was open when it happened, as you described, to find the file that caused it, but I will manage!

Thanks again!