Scrivener doesn't start

I’ve used Scrivener for a few days, than I incurred in the “select language” bug (I tried to download the Italian files). After the crash, I wasn’t unable to start the program again.
I’ve already dis-installed and re-installed Scrivener, with no success.

The error message is the following:

“Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application’s support team for more information.”

Is this a known issue? There is a way I can fix it?

Edit: I forgot to add that I’m using Windows 7


Sorry you’ve run into this bug! Have you tried rebooting your computer? That worked for the one other report on this (where this crash from downloading a dictionary also prevented Scrivener from restarting). Inelegant, I know. :wink: Lee’s fixed the bug for the next update, so this shouldn’t be an issue much longer.

Sorry if it took so long for me to answer, but I’m really busy these weeks…
Well, I tried both rebooting and reinstalling, nothing works. It still won’t open.

I had the same problem at start up about the Runtime terminating in an unusual way. I effectively downloaded a french dictionnary. What should I do? Reinstall the program?

Did you see that the dictionary had fully downloaded and then Scrivener crashed, or did you check the file elsewhere after the crash? (Just wondering, since you said the download was successful, at which point the crash happened and whether the download really did complete successfully or if it just reached 100% in the progress bar before the crash, which might not mean it really did work entirely.)

Could you grab the error report from the Windows logs so I can pass that on to Lee?

(These steps are for Windows 7; Vista and XP may be slightly different. In XP I believe the path in step 3 is just System Tools\Event Viewer\Application)

  1. Open the Control Panel and choose Administrative Tools (under System and Security if you’re viewing categories)
  2. Open Computer Management
  3. In the tree view, select System Tools\Event Viewer\Windows Logs\Application
  4. In the window on the right, you should see a list of reports Information, Error, and Warning. Group these by date and sort by level, and then look for any errors that occurred at the time of your crash–the source column should say something like “Application Error” or “Application Hang”. Selecting any one should show you the details in the lower part of the window; you can also double click to open it in a new window. Make sure that “Scrivener.exe” is referenced in the description of the error, and then use the Copy button to send the contents to your clipboard (if you get an option, choose “copy details as text” rather than “copy table”).
  5. Paste the crash details in a post here, with your description of the crash.

You can try the reinstall, but given the other user’s report that an uninstall and reinstall did not solve the problem, I’m not sure that will work. Did you install as an administrator or with standard privileges? You may be able to run the uninstaller as an administrator to ensure all the program files are deleted (not your projects, of course, and your preference settings, saved templates, and other saved settings should all remain intact as well in your user folder) and then install again. I’m checking with Lee on this; sorry I don’t have a definite solution yet.

Also, are you using beta 026? (You can check the About file from the Help menu.)

Dear Ephel,

when I had the problem once, I forgot to delete the “Scrivener” folder from the program files after the uninstall :smiley: . After I did it, I could re-install Scrivener and open it, too.

Did you delete the “Scivener” folder?



After uninstalling the scrivener files the french dictionary remained in the scrivener folder. I uninstalled it and reinstalled Scrivener. It works wonderfully. Thank you.