Scrivener doesn't work on Mac!

HELP! Scrivener won’t open at all! Nada! Nothing! I have a Macbook Air, and everything has been working fine. But I think the Scrivener program must have done an automatic update, since the icon looks different. For whatever reason, it now refuses to open at all, and I can’t access any of my files. I sent an email to technical help a week ago, but I have had no response whatsoever. To complicate matters, I’m fairly certain the original purchase of the Scrivener program was made with an email that is now defunct. Can anyone help me? (Please note, I am not great with the technical aspects of computers and jargon.) :frowning:

I checked the tech support queue, and we don’t have any records of a contact from your address (at least your forum address, maybe you used a different one). Well, we can help here as well.

First thing to try after an update that refuses to run is to reinstall the software from a fresh download. Sometimes the updater doesn’t work right and you end up with a broken copy of the software. It’s a common enough malfunction that we have written a guide for fixing the software.

Secondly, if that doesn’t fix it, it would help to know what sequence of events occur. For example are there any windows that open before it crashes, does it actually even crash or does it just not open?