Scrivener download today

I downloaded it today and it took a lot to finally get the tutorial open. I read the lot and certain things didn’t happen, but I put that down to my techy stupidity.


However, I have been trying all afternoon to open a blank page and when I get to that part it crashes. So I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. :blush:

Hi, and welcome to the forum!

Regarding the tutorial, it’s still undergoing revision, so there are a handful of things that don’t quite match up with the program yet, either because it talks about features that were originally intended for 1.0 but haven’t been implemented after all or because there are still a few bugs being worked out in the program. So most likely things that you saw that didn’t work right are the result of the tutorial not being quite right. If there are any specific questions you’ve got about it, don’t hesitate to ask and we can clarify!

As for the crash on opening a blank page, do you mean that Scrivener is crashing when you try to create a new project? If so, that’s a crash that a number of people seem to have, and Lee is working on a fix that should be released in a new beta in the next week or so. I’m really sorry about that! The “blank” project isn’t working for users with this issue, but all the other templates should be fine, so try creating a project from one of the others. (Templates are really just beginnings of projects, so if you want blank, once you get a project started from a different template, you can just delete the documents already in it and start fresh.) Scrivener will probably crash after you’ve created the new project, but by clicking into the project’s .scriv folder in Windows Explorer and double-clicking the “project.scrivx” file, you’ll be able to open the project and work on it. As long as you only have one project open at a time, then, you should be okay–attempting to open or create a second project will repeat the crash, and you’ll need to re-open the one project you want.

Once you do have a project open, you can go into Tools>Options… and in the General tab, deselect the option to have Scrivener open the most recently opened project on program launch. That will help avoid accidentally having two projects open at once (essentially, if you had project A open and then closed Scrivener and tried to open project B from the .scrivx, Scrivener would attempt to open both project B, as you requested, and project A, since it was the last one open, and that here will result in a crash).

Again, I’m really sorry about all this inconvenience; I’m not sure why some people have the crash and others don’t, but Lee’s been able to get a bunch of detailed crash reports from those with the issue and is working on correcting the problem.

Don’t worry, I know it has a few issues, I’m just glad it isn’t my own stupidity for once. :blush: I’ll give the templates a go and thanks.