Scrivener, Dragon Naturaly Speaking for Spanish, in Windows English OS

Hello guys,

I am a translator/blogger that has a Windows OS in English and all my regular software in English as well, including Scrivener.

But from time to time I have to write in Spanish just for pleasure ─I really love Scrivener, I use DNSP 15 and I have been facing several issues using Dragon in Spanish, that even int his new coming Scrivener version has not been solved.

First of all, Scrivener is not a natively supported software for DNSP, I have to disable the dication box to try to use dictation on Scrivener. Unfortunately, that slows down my dictation on Scrivener considerably.

Second, as Scrivener and DNSP don’t communicate well between each other, sadly all the diacritical marks are missed, This is a major issue for me, as correcting that manually is a time-consuming task, I am between use DNSP with the dictation box that slows my job or using DNSP writing all the characters and missing the diacritical marks that is also a mishap trying to use both tools to prepare articles as fast as possible. In Spanish, we use diacritical marks all the time, Dragon in Spanish set all this for me automatically but in Scrivener, all the words are written without them.

For instance in Spanish we write “information” = “Información”, “Translation” = “Traducción”, “Yes” = “Sí”.

I have not seen many people asking for support on this topic, I would like to know if somebody could have the advice to solve the issue and use DNSP as in Word or any other Text Processor.

Besides all, why Scrivener is not working/supported by DNSP after all these years?

Please, let me know if you had been facing an issue like mine and if you found a shortcut to solve the issue.


No shortcut I know of, but I use the DragonPad for my dictation, then just say:

“Select All”
“Copy that”
(Then Change focus to Scrivener with a mouse click).
“Paste that”

It seems to work. I never liked the dictation box. Editing/correcting is much easier in DragonPad. YMMV.

You should ask Dragon’s support team that question. They do not publish an API or any information that would allow software developers to improve their program’s interaction with Dragon. Any improvements have to come from their side of things.


I recommend a program called Speech Productivity Pro. This is an add-on program to Dragon Professional Individual. Speech Productivity Pro is a much safer option than DragonPad as it automatically backs up your dictation. DragonPad is prone to crashing and when it does, you lose everything you have dictated in the window.

Thanks for the advice Mary

This has been the only good answer to my question.

Understood Katherine,

Now you have replied one of my questions about why Dragon and Scrivener don’t get along. As a matter of fact, subtly have replied why the issue will never be solved, I am really disappointed about this, but I know in time I will find a better option than Scrivener.

You do realise that what she said means NOTHING can work with Dragon, unless Nuance release their bespoke interface code, and they refuse to do so? :unamused:

Nuance made the plugins that work with Chrome, Word, etc., but will not help with any other projects unless someone is willing to pay them HUGE amounts of dollars. Google and Microsoft can afford it, nobody else ever will.

I have used Dragon for 20 years (since DNS5) and I have learned to work around it.

Hello, so may we ask for an integration of the french corrector Antidote ? They publish full support informations and DLLs for integration…
Please… :wink: