Scrivener Dropbox Problem

I recently backed up scrivener from my local windows folder to an external dropbox folder. All my files existed on the cloud yet when i opened my project all the chapters and scenes where there except the content all of my words where completely gone. Can someone please help it would be much appreciated.


Two questions:

In what way did you “back up” your projects? Did you use Scrivener’s internal “Back up to…” command, copy or move the projects?

Exactly what do you mean by “external Dropbox folder”? The Dropbox folder is typically located on your hard drive but the Dropbox app makes sure that the content that is changed is continuously copied to the Dropbox server.

Hi there thanks for the reply, i did the “internal back up to” Yes what i meant by external dropbox folder is that it was uploaded to the cloud.
But yes i guess its also on my pc where i put it in the dropbox folder