Scrivener Duplicates Folders (AGAIN).

Scrivener is now making my writing life much, much harder. So much so, I am seriously thinking of abandoning it. It’s like my project is somehow corrupted.

This weird duplicate behavior happened a few weeks ago: suddenly there are copies of all the documents in my project. I’ve been using documents to outline, so I make a lot of one sentence/one paragraph files, to include notes as I structure my MS.

It took me a long time to get it sorted last time (I think I got it sorted; it can be difficult to know if you are missing information during such a big fix.) The fix itself was weird, with scrivener populating empty documents with the content from its (duplicate) twin. Same source I guess?

Not really expecting help this time, simply wanted to report it. After the last one, I kept checking for duplicate behavior, but somehow this one got in. And again, don’t know when. Don’t know if I’ve been working on both manuscripts without knowing it. Was about to insert an emoji but none seems to convey my desperation. Mostly I want to throw a chair our a (closed) window.

I’ve been using Scrivener for four years and this never happened before.

Here’s my prev thread:

I’ve been experiencing the same problem. It’s frightening because I never know where I’ve made my latest changes, the original file or the duplicate I didn’t ask for. L&L says I have to try logging in under Safe Mode or a Guest Account, copy the Scrivener file to it, try working it, etc. etc. I have a book to write and this isn’t exactly what I need to be spending my time doing.

If any one knows about a fix or a workaround, please let me know. Thanks.