Scrivener Easter Eggs?


Are there any Scrivener Easter eggs? Being a Mac user since 1984 I miss the Apple Easter eggs, and those by others.

If there were any, I couldn’t very well tell you, now, could I? Then they wouldn’t be Easter eggs. :slight_smile: But, um, no, there aren’t any. What sort of Easter eggs did Apple used to put in?

The earliest one I believe was the in the Finder where a MacPaint graphic would appear.

Here are the current more eloborate ones: … ster-eggs/

One of my favorites was from System 7 (can’t remember which one exactly - 7.0, 7.1, 7.5?). If you Option-selected “About the Finder” it would open a rudimentary Pong game.

There was also a good one in one of the earlier Photoshops (4.0, I think). If you option-selected About Photoshop, you would get a picture of the Big Electric Cat. Click (can’t remember if it required a modifier key) on the cat’s nose, and it would burp.

Bruce the Wonder Yak in FCP:

Ho boy, I feel some Structured Procrastination coming on.

Because I like to keep people happy (and because the inner geek in me is often outer), as of 1.06b there are now a couple of very minor easter eggs. One cool, one silly. But of course, I can’t say what they are. :slight_smile:

How fun! Aw, wait a minute! Thanks a lot, Keith! Now I have another excuse to play and not write!!

Heh heh. I did consider attempting to program a remake of the 80s Atari classic Leggit and have that as an easter egg, but then I caught myself and realised that that would be real procrastination. :slight_smile:

My fave Mac easter egg was (I think OS 7) typing ‘Secret about box’ in any text app, selecting and dragging the text to the hard drive. Upon doing so the screen would show the Apple offices, and a waving flag in the foreground. A futher easter egg included was moving the mouse in such a way you cound control the flags flutterings. Get exactly the right motion and the flag would detach from the pole and float off. 8)

I remember a few.

The Credit to Mr601 “The Power to crush all other Microprocessors”

Quark. Make a text box then I think it was COntrol+Command+Option+Delete.

A little Red Robot would walk across your screen and shoot a death ray at the box filling it with the colors of Apple’s old logo (Rainbow)

The Electric Kat in PS4 if you held down option on the credit screen then click the Cat’s nose his mouth would open and he would burp.

But hey want to see some funny OSX easter eggs?

Here is how.

(1) Click on the desktop to make sure you are in the finder.

(2) Select GO TO FOLDER from the GO menu (Shift+Command+G)

(3) Type this next line EXACTLY


Have fun tooling around in the hidden UNIX/EMACS folder. This is where you can read JOKES, look at a browning recipe and a bunch of other stuff

For some TERMINAL easter Egg Video Games open TERMINAL and type this in exactly

ls /usr/share/emacs/21.2/lisp/play

you should get a directory listing. write down the games you might want to play. Close terminal. Then Reopen terminal and follow these directions

type “emacs”; click enter
Press ESC + X at the same time
Type “tetris”

Substite the word “tetris” for any other game listed in the directory you looked at earlier. (leave off the extension)

Have fun :slight_smile:

PS: for more OSX eggs here is a nice link

Would one of those minor eggs hail from literatureandlatte’s sister site Or would it perhaps be an endorsement of facilities at :slight_smile:

I remember a keystroke combo that would call up a small, cool little robot that would march across the screen, level his ray gun and nuke the selected file.

That was in QuarkXPress v4.0, and was Shift-Opt-Cmd-K (Cmd-Opt-K was the normal delete function). The alien zapped Quark page elements, not files :slight_smile:

Perhaps this is old … or actually used somewhere … but I’ve found a picture of Lord Programmer with a … Scrivener head?! In the midst of the Scrivener package. :open_mouth:

Yeah, definitely from, that pic.

Back to work.


Ah, I see. Alright, back to work. :slight_smile:

Heh - nice find. In the Contents/Resource folder. I wonder if it’s just for people who dig through the package file or if there’s a secret about box somewhere featuring this image :smiley:

Very Devo of you, Keith.

A secret Ab… No, no, mustn’t give too much away. But maybe there is something else to be found in the picture, too. :slight_smile:

A coupon for free beer and cheese puffs?