Scrivener Embedded Browser Not Loading Pages

I’ve imported a webpage into Research. Imported as Dynamic Web (embedded browser). Worked fine at first, able to browse in Scrivener. Fast forward to a week later: in same project, when I click on the webpage in the binder, the page does not load, and I have to go external. Thoughts?

I’m having the exact same problem! Any updates?

No replies, but here is what I have surmised. On my computer at work, I can’t get the browser to work. On my home computer, in the same scrivener file, it works no problem. Reason: work has proxy settings. That’s all I can figure. I don’t know how to work around the proxy server.

Thanks for the reply!

Huh… Proxy settings… Well, that’s a start at least. I’ll look into it and let 'ya know if I figure anything out. But it used to work! :confused:

Tech support, if you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.