scrivener epub cartoon help

I’ve been looking for a tool for my wife to use for generating epubs - Scrivener seems exceptionatly useful but I’m not sure if its suitable for what she wants to do. I am fairly technically literate, my wife is less so (hence the reason I am asking the questions).

The intent is to create a cartoon epub, eventually to be published through a service like lulu (so the epub needs to correctly validate etc). She has 3 pages with minimal text on them and no images and the main content being about 30 pages containing one image (a comic strip) each. The images were drawn landscape.

Now the main problem is that when I compile an epub in scrivener I don’t get an option to determine the page layout (which is something that is available in other compile output formats).
I could roate the images prior to putting into scrivener so they would be landscape, but that makes them harder to work with/read in scrivener itself. It also means they will be landscape while the text pages stay portrait.

Any advice? Am I missing something/approaching this wrong or is this a lacking feature for scrivener and it isn’t the right tool for this purpose?

thanks in advance

The difficulty is that e-readers don’t really think in terms of “pages.” Remember that the actual page dimensions can change because the user rotated their device, or because they switched to a larger or smaller font. You can’t really make any assumptions about what the page dimensions will be.

It is possible to create fixed layout epubs, but apparently it’s a complex and expensive process. It’s definitely not possible in Scrivener.

(I suspect this is why most image-heavy electronic works are distributed as PDFs instead.)