Scrivener Erased Word Document

Hi, I’m in desperate need of some help.
I’m a Microsoft Word user and I tried to open my Word document in Scrivener like I normally would in Word because I was just curious if that would work. It obviously didn’t and it completely erased the file I was trying to open. I tried it on another file (that I made sure to save a copy of) to test and see if it was actually Scrivener that deleted it and it did the same exact thing; it told me it wasn’t compatible, then when I looked at the file in Word, there was nothing on it anymore.
I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me get it back.
I had the document saved on a flash drive and only a flash drive (I know, I’m a moron) and I can’t access any of the autosaved files that Word had saved. Is there anyway for me to salvage my 70 pages that Scrivener made go away, or are they lost forever?

Could you walk through the exact steps of how you opened the file and what version of Scrivener you’re using? I tried reproducing this on 1.0.3 with a handful of different file types and while I got a rather nasty bug whereby Scrivener created a new temporary project based off the file name, I didn’t have any experience of the actual original file getting disrupted at all. Obviously it should just give you a message saying that it can’t open the file and leave it at that; nothing should ever be erased, and as I can’t get this to happen on my machine I can’t even see what it might have done on your end.

One thing to try is turning on viewing hidden folders for your flash drive and also checking the recycling bin on that drive (not on your local drive)–you may have some auto-saved versions there or a trashed copy that you can restore from. Also try using the regular Windows search to look for some unique words or phrases from the missing text to see if it scrounges anything up from either that drive or elsewhere on your computer.