Scrivener Error 3.0.1

I have little error with Scrivener. App has all text in bad language, I don’t know It’s language (?)
Screenshot down. I use Windows Scrivener, version 3.0.1.
Thank you very much and sorry for my bad English!

i cant upload photo :frowning:

If you are referring to the interface language you can find it in Scrivener’s settings here (Mac version: click CMD-,):

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-01 um 10.26.40

Considering Windows doesn’t have CMD, it will be Ctrl+,

When I wrote my reply there was no indicator which OS @minjunhere was referring to.

But good to know it’s CTRL-, to open the settings in the Windows. Especially when the interface language is the wrong one, maybe even with an alphabet the user does not know, the keyboard shortcut is extremely helpful.



https:// /14ca5lp


This looks like a very broken English installation, not a different language. I’d suggest reinstalling, downloading a new install file and installing again. If this doesn’t help, go to Contact Us | Literature and Latte and submit a question on this, including the pic. Just crop it down to just the Scrivener window, to make it smaller (Paint can do it)

I try reinstalling many times, but I doesnt help :frowning:

completed, I send question to l&l :slight_smile:

It does look like corruption of some kind at first glance, but on closer inspection, there’s a pattern; I.e. every ‘u’ is replaced by a ‘w’, every ‘v’ is replaced by an ‘x’, every ‘w’ is replaced by a ‘y’ etc etc. Notably, all those letters are spaced two apart; UvW, VwX, WxY and so on. So it is consistent - wrong, but consistent. For me, that does point to a localisation issue rather than something being corrupted - possibly something clashing with Windows localisation settings.

And if you look at the “Scrivener is unlicensed” text, the issue doesn’t seem to affect that.

Very odd, whatever the problem is.

Actually, the move of S → U and so on, it does look like corruption, because I can’t imagine any localisation working like this, while I can imagine the letter codes being awry. Since each letter is coded by its ASCII number (A being 65, z being 122), we can easily see that instead of “y” (121) we have { sign, which is 123. Instead of a period (46) we have a zero (48).
The “Scrivener is unlicensed” text might be a picture, actually.