Scrivener: Evolved - new beta now public

The first betas of Scrivener 1.0 are now public. Be sure to check out the beta forum for information and the download link. I’m looking forward to reading your feedback…

I’m confused.

Why is this at the top of the announcement page and leading to a link that has long since been superseded?

If we are at beta 3 already - surely we should not be leading new visitors all the way back into the past.

The past. But that’s where I live!!!

As Jimmy Durante said, “Just call me Nostril Damus.”

Sorry about that - the devil made me do it.

Thanks grandpa

You may want to cut back on the celery salt and underpants are not to be worn on the head (at least not before high tea).


Good point - I completely forgot about this thread. I’ve edited the post so that it just directs folk to the beta forum.