Scrivener example project files? With images and


Please don’t take this post as a rant, rather as an account of how I experienced things as a baby scrivener…

I’m glad I found the Scrivener Project File!
For completeness sake I found a link in the User Manual at P 322… But only after I scoured through the User Manual for pages and hours… Cmd-F did not reveal it since it is named a little differently unfortunately.
In fact it was one of the first thing I sought for in the manual, as often times example files or source files are made available online.
While true that it is set up as a “MultiMarkdown” project (which I intend to finally master too…) it is maybe not the immediate best answer.

While also true that I am not native EN speaking, this does not ease the proper interpretation of a lot of writing related ‘lingo’.
I’ve come across more than a single ‘foreigner’ in this forum, so I’m sure a lot of them will recognise this fact.

Call me dumb, but it took met the better part of the last 2-3 days to find out how captions work! That means still a lot to learn, but at least I’m on my way…

I first focused on Section 15.5 about Inline Images and worked this through.
While I managed to embed images in various ways, I couldn’t get captions going .
Only much later I found in Section 22.4.1 on P 326 and 327 the mentioning of captions…
I finally got it to work and I could at least start understanding.
At least to me a couple of literate examples might have been helpful.

[b][i]My question:
Are there any example projects available? (anywhere)
An example file would be able to give a lot more information I think.
Even if it were only a 3 page project with focus on:

  • numbering schemes (pages, images, cross references, footnotes etc)
  • embedding of a couple of images [/i][/b]


Hi Erwin,

A quick and obvious question: have you followed through the Interactive Tutorial (under the Help menu in both the Mac and Windows versions of Scrivener)? That is by far the most useful thing you can do to understand Scrivener when you’re starting out, and it is itself an example of a Scrivener project.

The Manual is really a reference work, like an encyclopaedia, for looking up individual topics when you get stuck (rather than reading through from “cover to cover”, although some people do that, and there’s nothing wrong with it - it just takes quite a long time! :slight_smile: )


Hi Hugh,

Thanks for hopping by!
I’m working through the manual as I write.
Admittedly I have a report to do and now finally refuse to clobber on in MS Word
Unfortunately this needs to hold some 200 much too big photographs.

So yes, I am doing my learning the last week, part from the manual, part from the interactive tutorial, parts from a Udemy tutorial by Karen Price and other parts from various books and websites.

I have been using emacs in the past, hence I’m all pro for text only and MultiMarkdown.
So preferably I’d like to pick up some skills there too… (Marked 2, Byword etc)

At the moment I’m looking a bit more in depth at what it takes to compile the Scrivener Manual project file.

  • But where do I need to ‘install’ the XSLT file? How?
  • Do I need a separate LaTeX install or is this included in OS x?

The main thing I’d like to unravel now is how to compile a document so that it has the structure of the User Manual, that is with with the automatic numbering of sections, pages etc.
-> I found the Scrivener - MMD 3 - Latex - beginner’s guide and hope it will shed some light :wink:

At least I try to do things small: per little project and not too much - and test compiling.