Scrivener.exe 32-bit locks up on starting

Scrivener locks up when starting the 32-bit version on Windows 10 Version 1909, Build 18363.657. It happens repeatedly. I can go to an existing project’s file to open it, but I needed to come up with a work-around for creating a new project: open any other project, then close it so that the New Project dialog appears. That dialog doesn’t seem to lock up then.

This works for me, but it doesn’t help anyone trying to start their first project (though maybe finding and opening the tutorial via a file manager would work).

I was going to try switching to the 64-bit beta build, but decided to wait since beta 44 expires in about a week and the next beta is not yet posted.

I should have mentioned that I am using the latest version,


I’m a bit rusty, but you might give this a try…

Get Scrivener started via your workaround, then…
Tools > Options > General
and in Startup Options,
make sure “Reopen projects that were open on quit” is unchecked,
click OK or Apply,
exit Scrivener,
launch Scrivener again and see if you get to New Project Screen,
where you can start a new project or open an existing project.

I’m trying to recall… seems that something is corrupted. I don’t recall the likely candidates… possibilities include the previous project (last project open), Scrivener itself (could uninstall/reinstall to see if fixes), or… seems like there was another possibility or two, but they are escaping me at the moment.

Hope that is of some assistance.

You will always have a 1-2 week period between betas at this late stage. The new one typically arrives a few days before. Install it, select check for updates each day and all will be sweet.