Scrivener Export to Mellel

I’ve just started using Mellel and I’m trying to figure out the optimum settings for export from Scrivener to Mellel.

I assume someone here has been through this (esp for large documents) already. Maybe you could help me out and post some settings screenshots or write them up here?

Much appreciated…

The last time I checked, RTF was pretty good. It only struggled with a few esoteric things. There is a table on pg. 349 of the user manual that goes over the best formats to use, and what to expect from them. Mellel couldn’t handle comments (it doesn’t even have a comment feature, so that is to be expected) You’ll want to strip out inline annotations and comments, or convert them to inline styled text during Compile.

Mellel 3.3. does have a comments feature.

Excellent, that has been the one thing oddly missing from it in my opinion. I’ve tested RTF comments from Scrivener and they open fine in Mellel as margin notes. It looks like it is about even with the best, at this point.

RTF comments etc seem to work fine for me.

The page ref you gave for a table in the manual – I wasn’t able to find it in the latest version. Maybe they took the table out?

“They” would be myself, in this case. :slight_smile: I got the page number wrong, it is 334, but like I say that table is out of date at this point in time. I have fixed it up for the next revision, with Mellel and Pages updated.