Scrivener, external sync and Android

Hello there,

did anybody have luck setting up a smooth workflow for editing your novel on the go?

I tried any combination available, but got no luck. The only way it seems working is by using “simple text files”.

Apart from the stupidity of Android and its incapabability to edit rtf files (and the tons of not so free app that might edit those files) I’m stuck with some weird behaviour.

Synced files in any format but simple text, have accents marks replaced with ? chars, along with the apostrophe.


Also, if I use the RTF format, it produces files that seems to be not so “rtf compliant”. WordPad opens the file without much complaining, but when opening those files on mobile, most apps simply crash trying to read the file.

I wish I could just edit files on my android, while keeping basic formatting like italic.

Is it possible? Did somebody try it?

If only an official Android app for Scrivener exist…


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