scrivener extremely slow

I own the newest version. My computer is not slow, and even when I close everything else, it has like 5-7 sec lag… Multiple new starts didnt help.
It seems to occur after I first compiled my text.
After getting the new version, it was ok for a time, but now it ist nerve grating.

I was having the same problem, and I think I found the solution. Go to Options (either F12 or under Tools) and in the General settings, where it says “Save after period of inactivity” change it from 2 seconds to something like 120. You can’t enter minutes, so you have to calculate it as seconds. Five minutes might also be good – 300 seconds. Anything but every 2 seconds.

Also be warned: it seems that after every update, it goes back to 2 seconds, so you’ll have to change it again.

Yes, I did that, and I think it helped.
I found another possible reason: I saved may backups on a extern hard drive, which I connect via wLan. The connection is not very good, so maybe, the lag was caused by that.
Anyway, since I save on my intern hard drive, everything is ok now.
But when I change something (search and change, I dont really know how to say it, in german it is Suchen /Ersetzen), there is a lag again until I close and reopen the project.

Adjusting the autosave interval can help if you’re having lag while working in the project. Keep in mind however that autosave runs after the given interval of inactivity, not every x seconds. If you set it as high as several minutes, you’ll need to have a long pause of that many minutes before the save kicks in–so it if you type for an hour or two, Scrivener may not save your work until you get up to go for a drink of water. I’d recommend increasing in smaller amounts and trying them out–just bumping up from 2 to 8 or 10 can make a big difference for any lag issues while still ensuring your work is saved fairly regularly.

Lag when closing the project is likely just the automatic backup running; the larger the project, the longer this will take. If you’re saving on a remote location, it will also take longer than saving to the same partition of the local drive. You can change these settings in the Backup tab of Tools > Options; if the auto-backup on close is inconvenient, you could change it to go on a manual save provided that you remember to make that backup during the session.

There have also been some adjustments for the next update that should help regarding lag after running compile, as much of the compile code has been rewritten and optimised and a memory-releasing issue corrected.