Scrivener Facebook Page

As part of our ongoing get-with-the-21st-century drive, on top of our Twitter page, we now have a shiny new Facebook page, which we’ll be using to release news and keep users of Facebook up to date. So if you use Facebook and are interested in keeping up to date with Scrivener news that way, be sure to sign up as a “fan”.

Incidentally, one thing we will be starting in the next couple of weeks is a “Tip of the day” on Twitter. The tips will range from basic to advanced (though will predominantly cover the more frequently asked questions to begin with), so if you are interested in that be sure to sign up as a follower on Twitter.

Of course, the main source of support remains these forums and contacting me via e-mail. Twitter and Facebook are really just extra channels for announcements and keeping in touch (and you can sign up for the newsletter if you want to receive news about Scrivener via e-mail, too, of course). Any questions should continue to be posted here or sent to me at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com.

Oh, and the more observant among you will also have noticed that there are now Twitter and Facebook links in the header bar of the forum, too - yes, we’re just megalomaniacs who want lots of “followers” and fans" (maniacal laugh follows).

So, in the manner of a TV phone-in, those links again:

View the Scrivener page on Facebook.

View the Scrivener page on Twitter.

Sign up for the Scrivener e-mail newsletter (at the bottom of the Trial page).

NOTE: The Facebook and Twitter icons on the forum are part of Komodo Media’s Social Network Icons package.

All the best,

All the best,

I haven’t read up on it in awhile but if Facebook is still using Beacon Software I will not be signing up for facebook anytime soon. I enjoy my privacy.


So…you can talk the talk,
But not wock the wock?

we really don’t want wock [size=“65”]in[/size] the wok do we?

edit: Just use your imagination! Stinking BBCode…

You won’t believe the fun you can have with some old, used, warmed up motor oil, a can of spam, an old ornery goat, and a Wok.

You start by coating your self with the oil…

“It puts the oil on”…

And Vic-k thinks I lower the tone!

But what do you do with the goat?

I`m not letting vic-k loose on this one!!

I can’t exactly say because it is a secret but I will say its



No comment!

I think you be disingenuous here fluffy. Isn’t your statement of “no comment” itself a comment on your position? Hence you do have a comment, but you are taunting us with it.

No comment.