Scrivener failing to back up on close

Scrivener S3 has started to give an error message on each project close: cannot back up, the back up location may not have space.

The back up location os the default created by S3, on the hard drive. Creating a different space yields the same result, both on the hard drive and on cloud. This looks like a permissions issue.

I do use S3 from two computers, both opening files locally from a cloud. I’ve been running like this without any problems for a long time, so i doubt this is part of the problem, but saving back ups to that same cloud location would be good.

Any ideas what’s wrong, please?

Couple of questions, What is the cloud service your are using (Some have differing issues).

Windows can be a bit of a dog with permissions issues. Have you checked the local folder to confirm permissions?

Not related to issue (unless you are trying to back up into the project folder which is a massive NO), not best practice to back up to the same location/Drive as the projects - lose one through any system issue, chances are you lose both.

The problem develops. Trying to save a new version of the WIP in the same folder as the original, with an incremented name, S3 tells me it "cannot save into a .scriv folder. " This is my WIP folder, the one I’ve been using for months.

That’s the expected behaviour. The .scriv folder is the ENTIRE project. You can’t save a copy of the project inside another project. Pick one folder up and save it in a folder next to the original.

Sorry, didn’t explain well. I’m trying to save the new version, inc 10, in the same folder I have saved the previous nine versions in. So that folder contains nine .scriv projects but won’t accept no 10.

Screenshot 2021-10-13 115207

Now S3 will not save the current project either.


There was a Windows Update pending. I’ve run it, and now S3 works as it should.



Always good to check and see if there are any updates for Scrivener or Windows before doing too much troubleshooting if anything starts acting wonky that was working before. Pending updates often cause some weird behavior. Glad you got it working again!