Scrivener failing to launch

So since I installed 1.9 my copy is failing to launch. I’ve poked around without an success. I am using Windows 10 and McAfee, but neither seems to be causing the launch errors. Basically when I click on the icon I get a momentary blue circle, but the program doesn’t launch.


As a first step, try switching on compatibility mode for Scrivener, as explained in this article. That’s fixed a similar “Not Responding” problem on various OS versions and may be all you need to get Scrivener running.

If that doesn’t help, try booting into Safe Mode with Networking and launching the program there. If it works, that would suggest some sort of software conflict (even if not McAfee), and you could then take a look at what programs and services launch on startup to narrow down to the one that isn’t working well with Scrivener and see if there’s a way to prevent the collision–whitelisting Scrivener, or excluding it from directories monitored, or changing the order the programs are launched, etc.