Scrivener fatal crash when using "Find" (Ctrl+F)[BUG LOGGED]

Just had a fatal crash in Scrivener.exe causing the program to quit.

I was switching from a scene in one of my subfolders back in to the full Draft folder in “Show Text View” (I type from the draft folder so that I can see an overall word count) - Figuring that I could jump to where I was using Find instead of scrolling I pressed Ctrl+F, typed the word (Collapse) and hit enter.

The screen went white as the window froze, and approx 15-30 seconds later the program crashed.

Windows 7 64 bit, Beta 1.3

Don’t appear to have lost any words / work now that I’ve loaded the program again, so that’s good. I have just loaded back in though and trying to replicate the problem I notice that the “Next” button of the find dialogue isn’t doing anything. Previous only works if I click past the last word in the document (the one I’m searching for and then click it.)

Can email my document as it is (backed up at this point) if needed to try and replicate.

I just tried this on my copy of Beta 1.3, and in searching for the name of one of my characters if I click on one of the documents and then use CTRL+F and search for the name, it locates it. No problems, works how I expected it to.

If I click on a folder that contains documents, then CTRL+F and search for the name - nothing happens. I have to actually click in the documents window to have it search for the name. It will search through the entire document though, in multiple page view.

If I then click on another folder that has multiple documents inside of it, then (without clicking in the documents box) I use CTRL+F to try to locate a word (any word) it errors the program.

I seem to have it happen most consistently with the following sequence of events.

Open Scrivener
Click on a folder (one I picked is a sub folder of a folder within default “CHAPTERS” folder)
Select the “multiple pages” in “show text view”
Click in the document where there is text
Hit CTRL+F and search for a word (any word) - close search
Select a different folder (same level for my test)
DO NOT click in the document - just hit CTRL+F and try to search for something
Scrivener will pause for a few seconds then crash

I’ve crashed every time so far with that sequence of events. The key seems to be a successful search, then trying to search again in another folder without clicking on the document window. I searched multiple times, and as long as I clicked in the document window first, it works - if I failed to click in the document window for searches after the first one, it crashes.

I followed the same sequence and got the same crash. But whenever inside the actual document the search function works fine.

I’ve also had this crash. Also, ctrl-F gets no results (and doesn’t even appear to respond) when searching at the Draft level, but works fine when inside sub documents.

Using the top right search bar while at the Draft level does bring up the sub documents containing the search term, but it does NOT highlight instances of the search term, thus necessitating ctrl-F.

{running 1.3 on Vista}

Thanks again for all your work!

edited to add: Also, the Search bar is case sensitive, so it doesn’t necessarily find everything.

Excellent post. I got mine to crash too. Thank you.