Scrivener file BLANKED/GONE

I’ve been working on several novels concurrently. I keep all of them on Dropbox and have never had any problems. Today however I to get backup errors and now all the .scriv files for these projects have 0kb for file size and will not open up when I try to load them and sometimes will load a completely different project! It also gives me a search index error about non-standard errors with other files that haven’t gone b-bye.

What is going on here?!


I can’t even create a new project now…

Without further info I’d guess a system failure.

Every once in a while when can’t open a program, I clear out temporary files and reboot and see if can open older project first. If can Scrivener might have a software glitch and this may have effected backup. With writing I back up on dropbox and with my first novel also backup elsewhere on my computer/external backup. My project at 66,000 words and file size is small at 13,000 kb. I doing daily backup and not taking much space.

I performed a reboot and relocated the files to a hard drive, just in case I was having problems with Dropbox. Kind of afraid to open the files that aren’t damaged honestly. Fortunately the file for my working title is safe but, I’m trigger-shy about editing my bigger projects. It also seems that this is only affecting my desktop computer and not my laptop so, hopefully I can continue the work on that.

I did have an odd error that I cleared,. There was a problem with my dropbox getting full from an accidental file move but, I was able to take care of that.

Then, duplicate them to a different location first.
Zip those duplicates even, to avoid any user error.
You’ll have them as backup just in case.

I have been using Dropbox for two years with some big projects with lots of images over 150 mb without issue but always do zip file to lower chance of corruption . Key is making sure completed uploading before closing. If novel text only then small. Can easily backup up 100’s of backups to 8 or 16 gig USB as additional hedge

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