Scrivener File Duplicates Scene in Chapter

I noticed (after publishing my works on Amazon and the usual distribution points) that in Chapter 3/Scene 3 of my novel, the scene repeats itself when compiled. There is no duplication in that scene or the one after that has the duplicated text. I’ve gone over the text and the compilation settings carefully and there’s no reason for the scene to duplicate itself upon compilation/export.

I’ve even extracted the text of that scene and the one after and completely replaced them with new text files and the compiled files STILL duplicate Chp 3/3 twice. I can’t sort out why. It does it across the board for .mobi/.epub as well as the word .doc and adobe’s .pdf. It’s consistent.

I’ve also created a like project as a “boxed set” with another book and the error repeats itself there for that book within the large project file “boxed set” edition. Even with running through the same steps of replacing both Chapter 3/Scene 3 and Scene 4’s text files completely. I can’t sort out where the compiled file is getting that command for that chapter/scene only?

Is there some way to edit the file (even from a third party editor) that will allow me to extract the erroneous duplication from the .kindle/.epub editions (I can obviously repair the word/adobe compilations easily enough).

Thoughts? I have purchased copies I need to update ASAP with correct editions so Amazon can replace the erroneous copies sold.

Many thanks!


There are some things you could try to help narrow down the source of the problem:

  1. It sounds like you are only using two compile formats to test with. Try something radically different like PDF or TXT.
  2. Create a temporary blank project for testing and drag and drop the section that is duplicating from that binder into the test binder’s Draft folder. With no other changes, compile (if Print/PDF didn’t reproduce it above, then try simply changing the format to ePub/Mobi).
  3. If the above does not reproduce the problem, try adding your compile settings (use the format manage tools in the Format As menu to save settings from one project and make them available to others).

If you do get it reproducing in the blank test, I’d like to see the problem first hand if you don’t mind sharing. Just PM me a zipped copy, or send it to our support address and mention this thread URL so they can contact me. Provide any steps necessary to see the problem, ideally set up the project so all I have to do is compile.

Yup, I would take the approach of compiling to ePub, editing with a tool like Calibre, then using KindleGen (or if you’d rather not use command-line tools, open the ePub in Kindle Previewer) to generate a .mobi from the .epub. You could probably use Calibre to convert to a Mobi as well—if you’re comfortable using non-Amazon software, but I would look up tips on setting it up correctly for upload to KDP. Its out of the box settings are tuned for legacy MobiPocket format designed for personal usage (loading the file directly onto your Kindle).

Do you just need the scrivener proj file? Incidentally, I ended up reading the compiled novel a bit further and found another section/chapter where this duplication of the final few paragraphs occurred at the end of the chapter. So it happened more than once (though not at the end of every chapter).

I have tried the other compilation options - (.doc .docx and PDF to name a few) and each of them had the same duplication paragraphs found at the end of the same chapters as the .mobi and epub versions. I have been able to take the epub into Calibre and edit the duplicated sections out but I am troubled that Scrivener is doing this all of a sudden. I haven’t had this issue with any of my other project files.

As a point of reference, there are two novel project files that I put into a singular project file (to be compiled/sold as a boxed set). The first book (singular and in the set) is the one that repeats paragraphs at the end of certain chapters. The second book doesn’t appear to have that happen. I am still working my way through the boxed set project file to see if that is still true.

Did the other two tests I suggested reveal anything about where the source of the problem might be? The first test checks to see if there is a problem with the material itself, the second checks against your compile settings (or potentially a combination of the two).

The whole project would probably work as well, but it sounds like a pretty large project, so if you can get it demonstrated in a smaller file that would be great—or just send the whole thing, but let me know exactly where to go in the project to find the problem so I can compare with the ePub.

Here’s another test I did. I exported all of the scene files into rtf’s and then created an entirely NEW project file and then recreated the folder/scene structure (from scratch). I then opened each rtf file and copy/pasted the raw text from each file back into a “new” scene text file. I only did like the first 9 chapters of the book - the first instance occurs between scene 3 and 4 of chapter 3.

After recreating all of it I then went and set up the compiling options to create a PDF and a epub file. I ran both compilations and in BOTH the duplication of the paragraphs between scenes 3 and 4 of chapter 3 were duplicated again (repeating them before moving onto scene 4).

I stripped the rtf of ALL formatting so that the text was completely unformatted (choosing to format once they were in the new project). So there should be NO reason why the paragraphs at the end of scene 3 be repeated.

Should I attach the newly created project file (which is smaller) to this thread?

If you don’t mind the project being publicly available you could attach it here, but otherwise you can click on my “contact” balloon in the sidebar to send a private message. Thanks! If I have a sample in front of me I can usually figure it out pretty quickly.

I ended up sending it to the support email address because the file was over 2mb and it wouldn’t allow me to attach to a PM. You stated that you can get it there. I put “FOR AMBERV” in the subject line so hopefully you can find it. I also included a PDF compilation and cited the two sections where it repeats by page number. Hopefully that will help. As it stands right now, I have to compile it as an epub and then edit it within that app and then export as a kindle .mobi file. I need to gain a handle on it as I have been selling the book with this error in it and I want to sort out what to do about it. I am also a bit worried that my other book files might have the same sort of glitch/error but I’ve not noticed. I am combing through all my works to check and make sure.

Thanks again for your prompt responses to this. I sincerely appreciate your efforts to help me sort it out.