Scrivener file recovery

My old laptop broke with no chance of getting it fixed, and I didn’t save the Scrivener files to a cloud service. Does that mean my data is lost irretrievably?

Can you get access to the hard drive or get someone to retrieve files from it? There’s no hidden cloud backup service within Scrivener, so unless you’ve taken the precaution of using some form of backup, them I’m sorry to say that your work is only going to be on your old computer’s hard drive.

Once you’re back up and running, consider something like Backblaze, or one of its competitors. Not too expensive, runs in the background, backs everything up, and they can ship a hard drive to you in the event that you need to restore large swathes of data.

Unfortunately, I’ve been told there’s no way to access my files since I’m not having my old laptop repaired. I was already in the last chapter of my short story. :frowning:

That is BS. Someone is conning you. Any decent honest repair person, and a lot of high school or college kids, can pull the drive out (the drive is where the data is stored), and connect it via USB to a working computer and transfer the files to a cheap flash drive.

If the drive will not spin up or is totally and irretrievably damaged, then it is possible that it could cost a lot to recover the contents, but normally, the drive can be pulled and data recovered in 30 minutes or so.

If the drive is damaged, there are still repair programs that can be used on them. If that doesn’t work, then you can send the drive to Ontrack or DriveSavers or Gillware and for perhaps $1,000 they can recover your drive. They’ll look at it and send you a list of recoverable content and then you decide whether to pay.

Basic rule is: 3-2-1
3 copies of files on 2 different media and 1 off-site.