Scrivener files in Google Drive?

Is it safe to store my Scrivener writing files in Google Drive? I read somewhere that this is not recommended due to compatibility issues. Is this still the case? I ask as it’d be easier to work on different machines and safer for backups. But if it’d ruin my projects then I’ll steer clear.

I would suggest reading the knowledgebase articles under Cloud Syncing at

My naive take is that you should not keep live projects (.scriv folders and their contents) on Google Drive or edit them there… but that it is likely safe to place compressed backup copies of them (single .zip file containing entire compressed contents of the .scriv folder) there.

The compressed backups can be created inside Scrivener via the .zip option in File > Back Up > Back Up To or can be created later outside Scrivener via a Windows or third party compression/decompression utility. Such compressed backups would need to be copied back from Google Drivve onto a local drive and decompressed (also referred to as extracted or unzipped) back into folder form before one can open and work on them again in Scrivener.

Hope that is of some assistance.