Scrivener files moved within Dropbox - and now not showing up on iOS

Can anyone tell me what’s going on here please?

I went into my files on Scrivener for iOS this morning, was happily reading my ms and closed the file, without changing anything. It started syncing with Dropbox but then all the files disappeared completely. None of my projects were showing, just the tutorial.

On the PC I found that the Apps/Scrivener folder was now in ‘Public’ on Dropbox (where I never store projects) I have no idea whatsoever how this happened. I haven’t even dragged files around at all recently so don’t think it could have been me moving them by mistake. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

I dragged the misplaced Apps folder up to Dropbox where it synced and then the ‘new’ Apps folder disappeared.

However my iPad is not seeing these projects any more - Scrivener is still only showing the tutorial.

How do I sort this out, please? Screenshot attached.
Screenshot (111)
Have I put something in the wrong place?

Thanks in advance.

from your screen shot, unless i am missing something, the project files are not in Public and look to be in a good place.

Yes - this is where I have moved them to. But iOS app is not seeing them.

Reboot iOS, use the Dropbox app to ensure sync complete. Can used Files app also to look at dropbox folders to ensure sync happened. Reset Scrivwner to that folder in Dropbox.

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Thanks, I hadn’t pressed sync on the Scriv in iOS :woman_facepalming: It now has synced and the projects are showing. Thanks so much for your help. Still wonder what happened in the first place though…to move them out into the Public folder?!

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I doubt Dropbox did it on its own. Glad back in business.

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