Scrivener/Final Draft Integration - Advanced Observation

Now 45 pages into the Final Draft script I queried you about last month, I’m of the conviction that Scrivener integration with Final Draft need go no further than script export.

Had I exported my index cards into Final Draft I would be totally lost! The structure of my script bears no formal resemblance to my Scrivener outline. It’s all there, but my characters speak for themselves and have totally rearranged the story.

Once I get into the writing phase I want to leave my outline behind. And most writers I know feel the same way. I love Scrivener and this isn’t a criticism. I hope it helps.



Thanks for your feedback. I guess it depends on how you use the two programs, though - although you are using Scrivener just for the outlining features (as I’m sure a number of others do), there are other users who do the preliminary writing in Scrivener, too, and get a first draft done before going to Final Draft for the rest. Those users are most likely going to want to get all the index cards across - and that will be coming in 2.0, as it’s all set up and built in ready for implementation already.

Thanks again and all the best,

That was a prompt reply! :slight_smile: How are things in London, today? Well, I can’t wait for Scrivener 2! Bring it on.

Actually I have no idea how things are in London, seeing as I moved out of the big smoke to live in Cornwall last year. :slight_smile: Glad you’re looking forward to 2!
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