Scrivener folder deleted. Chances to recover files?

I have done something stupid and all data from my desktop was erased. Unfortunately, my scrivener project was around there somewhere. I have only recovered some docs.checksum and search.indexes files, not the .scriv project, or anything else.
I know the chances are small, but can I recover at least parts of what I had written there? :confused:

Well, the search.indexes file is a pretty good thing to have around in the case of data loss. That file is a plain-text version of every bit of text that was in the project that can be searched for. That means everything theoretically should be in there—it is in XML format, but it is not very complicated and it wouldn’t be too hard to copy and paste it all out.

Backups are going to best, if you’ve got them. Do you have Windows set up to back up your drive periodically?

I do have backup, but it didn’t work in that case. I only recovered parts of what I’d lost and the Scrivener files were not among them.
I opened the XML file with Notepad, it seems like it wasn’t what I needed, it was the Scrivener tutorial in there. sigh
I’m still looking for the files, hope I’ll find what I need.
Thanks a lot, Amber.

What about ETL files? they are snapshots, do they help in any way?

Those don’t have anything to do with Scrivener, I’m not sure what they are. Scrivener stores its data in RTF files, if you are browsing through your disk with a recovery application, try searching for RTF.

Okay, thank you. I’ll see what I find.

I should add, they will be numbered. So if you see a bunch of 21.rtf type files, that’s more likely than not a Scrivener file; granted you might find a lot of tutorial files like that from the sounds of it.