Scrivener footnotes

Hi, so I wanted a better way to footnote in Scrivener. I can’t see why it wouldn’t be included, so I think the more likely possibility is that I’m missing something but the feature is available. I want to have my footnotes at the end of each page, not shoehorned on to the endnotes page. Think of Apple’s pages: that’s basically my idea of a perfect word processor. Is there any way to mimic its footnote function?

Are you talking about the compiled product? If so, this is perfectly possible. You need to use RTF and then of course open the RTF in a program that can properly read that format. Pages will not work for this as its RTF import is fairly simple. If you want to get to pages, try using another word processor in between. A good one (since it is free) is LibreOffice ( Use that to open Scrivener’s RTF file and save it as a .docx file which Pages does a much better job of reading. Alternatively you can check out our public beta, which has improved .docx export, for going straight to Pages with proper footnotes.