Scrivener for Android tablets a very big wish


I am a very big supporter of the Android system, both Smartphones and Tablets and I am a new user of Scrivener. For the sake of good flexibility, I could really use an Android version of Scrivener, mostly for writing on the tablet. Android for Smartphone and Tablet is not the same as Chrome OS, don’t forget that.

Please make a Scrivener version for Android!

:smiley: Yup, even if Scriv/And version 0.# is little more than a scratchpad dropping the documents into a designated project’s folder.

Android Scrivener will be a bit further down the road, but the “scratchpad” functionality already exists. Use Scrivener’s Sync with External Folder feature to put the contents of your project in a folder that the Android device can see, then use the Android editor of your choice to add files to that folder.