Scrivener for Android

Contrary to popular belief, Android is the most used mobile OS in the world. I see that an iOS version is being created, so why not an Android version? It would make a lot of sense considering. Android is good enough for some to fully function as a laptop (I use my Transformer prime often as one), so there should be an android version of Scrivener. Anyone agree with me?

Yes I would certainly pay for an android Scrivener. :smiley:

This was posted to the blog in December, and is still the most up to date information:

“EDIT 17/12/11: Thanks for all the enthusiastic responses to this post, much appreciated. To those asking about an Android version, this is on our radar too, don’t worry. We have to take it one step at a time, though. Our design process for iOS will take Android into consideration (although our iOS version will be Cocoa and native), and we hope to investigate Android in more detail later in 2012.”

And I would add my response to this post yesterday, which also applies:

When the Android project is far enough along, will you offer a beta test because I would be more than than happy to do a beta test.

Another here who would appreciate an android and Win8 version.

Waiting for the Nexus 7 to arrive, and am salivating at the thought of tablet versions of our favorite program.

The nexus 7/any android tablet may not be ideal for serious writing, one may think, but add a cheap portable keyboard (a £5 version can be found on a large online retailer) and you have a potentially great combination for some impromptu writing.

But, as you say, the scrivener team isn’t large so we have to be patient.

The Asus Transformer series are ideal for writing, and as a new TF700 owner, am waiting patiently…

I bought a keyboard for all my mobile devices, starting from Palm Tungsten to my latest Android but it was nearly always too much trouble to take this out, connect and start writing on the go (in a hotel room it’s OK but not commuting).

Since I have my MacBook Air 11" I’m ready to write in less than 10 seconds everywhere!

I wouldn’t expect too much from a 1st android or iOS release - this simply can’t be close to the Mac version in the near future (see the differences betwenn the Mac and Windows versions).

If you like to use your mobile device for writing my advice would be to get used writing plain text MMD in Scrivener, sync your work to Simplenote and write using their app or web interface. You can add a background Dropbox sync so that you can write even when you have no internet connection.

This extra backing has the nice feature, that you can setup Simplenote-aware apps (ResohpNotes on Windows, NV or nvALT on Mac) on all your machines and you have access to your work virtually everywhere — and if you are frightened you can put a portable version of these apps on a USB stick so you have access to your work sitting at your colleague’s computer, too :slight_smile:.

Any suggestions for similar sync compatible with rtf/rtfd formatting (one of Scrivener’s great features)?

I need to switch phone service providers which may give me a chance to get an Android phone (iPhone w/or w/out contract probably too expensive).

It seems like it would be nice to be able to jot down a thought or make a few edits if I found a moment when I’m out. For example, I wouldn’t want to take macbook to supermarket, but it could be handy to access my scrivener data on the twenty minutes two and from (don’t worry, I’m not the driver).