Scrivener for Android

Hello, I really would love a scrivener app for android. It’s very useful to create notes and ideas or even edit the scenes of ours novels wherever we are from our smartphones.

Thank you so much.

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They’re working on it. Many have asked. You can search the forums. But they’re working on it.

To be more precise, I believe it’s the next project in the queue after Mac/Windows 3.0.

And after a well-deserved holiday, I’d guess…

Dunno if it’s “in the queue” per se. Because the Windows project uses the Qt framework, porting to Android from that would be a lot less work, so the Windows 3.x work would be a pre-requisite for any theoretical future Android version. I don’t believe they’ve actually said, “Yes, we are going to do it.” Just simply said, “we’re looking at it and here’s what has to happen first.”

Pretty sure they have said it’s going to happen. Just that they’re not sure about timeframes.

Keith actually said they would, eventually, but that it most likely is at least a year away.


Good to know it’s on the roadmap – but let’s be precise, it is not being worked on YET. Plans could change.

Let’s be more precise, it was implied as not being worked on as of that post. He said development would start before the Windows version is released. He didn’t say how much before. So it’s possible that development has started. Without being a part of the development team, there’s no way to say for sure one way or the other.

Either way, blithely assuring people that it’s being worked on is probably a great way to get up false hopes, instead of simply pointing them to the latest official update as lunk helpfully did.

It’s going to be worked on. That’s what the update said, that’s what I said. No reason for negativity.

Not being negative. Trying to avoid “Android Scrivener” becoming the next “wars and rumors of wars” that iOS Scrivener was, because new people coming on to the forums seem to have a severe allergy to searching and reading anything that’s already written about their question.

Let’s be extra-specially-super-duper-ultra-precise and say that no one in this discussion so far represents Literature and Latte, and that we’re only guessing.

No–let’s try to be accurate, by basing our guesses on past performance…

The iOS version has been in development since 2011* and was released in 2016; a 4.5-year span from announcement to 1.0.

The Windows version was released that same year**, a month earlier, with the expectation of eventual feature parity–which could be argued has yet to be achieved; a span of over 4.5 years…

We know that Version 3 of both Mac and Windows Scrivener(s?) is in the works.

I’ve read from Keith himself that v3 for Mac might be out this year, BUT the Windows version 3 cannot possibly be done until sometime in 2017.

It has been suggested that, should Android development be done, that the Windows team is likely to do that development, using the same programming framework to share source code and reduce development time.

iOS and Mac development use the same programming language and development IDE, so iOS Scrivener probably shares*** at least some of its code with the Mac version.

Given all the above, I cannot conclude that the Android version will be ready any time in 2017. If they are to leverage the upgraded QT framework used for V3 of Win Scrivener to port to Android, then it’s only logical that they’ll want finish work on that before starting the Android port first, instead of forking a feature-incomplete and buggy version that they’ll then have to patch in two places instead of fixing it in one. It’s not as easy as checking a box and recompiling. New interface challenges await, with a total reliance on touch (they cannot assume everyone will have a stylus or external keyboard after all), and a much reduced screen resolution. How will they deal with under-powered devices? What about devices running very old versions of Android and are not easily upgraded? Will tablets with 3rd-party modifications, such as Kindle Fire, Nook, and Kobo e-reader tablets even be supportable? They have a huge number of devices and actively used OS versions to test, let alone decide if they will support.

I’d be amazed (as in impressed) if they are doing an open beta for the Android version before 2018.



***[size=85]I have no reference for this assertion aside from my own flawed memory.[/size]

I hope there is a port for Chrome OS before there is a port for android