Scrivener for Blackberry

It’s not strictly within the remit of discussion allowed by Keith, but I’d almost be tempted by a Scrivener app for Blackberry. Essentially all I’d want is a text editor that respected the integrity of the Scrivx project file.

Maybe two views:
A binder view where I can select which documents I want included in my Scrivenings sessions, and
A Scrivenings view where I could read, review and make edits on the go.

Okay a third view:
The scratchpad, to jot ideas on the go which will sync with my main computer scratchpad.

You always have to be contrary, huh? :slight_smile:

I have no idea about the Blackberry platform, sorry - I’m guessing this would be a lot lower down the list than iOS or Android, though.

All the best,

Yeah, I was just kidding. Sorry about that. I don’t even like posting forum responses on an iPhone or BBerry, so I can’t see me attempting any long form writing or editing!

The suggestions for mobile app inclusion were genuine though.