Scrivener for consultants and trainers

Hi everyone,

I’m not a writer so be kind. My business is as an IT consultant and trainer. I was wondering about people’s experience in using SC for drafting proposals and the like, presumably I’d just construct a proposal template and fill in the various sections.

However, how about preparing training courses, e.g. slides, speaker notes, exercise materials. Has anyone used it for this purpose? How did you get on? Would it be possible to export an outline and notes from SC to Openoffice presenter or Keynote?

TIA (not in the “Blood Diamond” sense, great film BTW)

Hi Zuzu,

I’ve found Scriv to be an outstanding tool for all the uses you list. I have not tried to export directly to KN (and I don’t think you can), but since my keynotes are not text driven, I don’t really have that need.

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I’m a consultant, trainer, writer. I have just started using Scrivener for two major training related projects - one is a handbook with masses of sources/references and has been lying around for two years not making progress. I’ve done more in two weeks than two years.

The other is a major research review that is involving eight organisations, hundreds of ideas and shed loads of docs. I’m using Scrivener as the database and the drafting tool.

There’s a learning curve - but I’ve already saved so much time and anguish that I’d recommend without hesitation.

And for the price - which is way too cheap - you can’t go wrong.

I would have thought that for preparing presentations, you’d be better off with OmniOutliner (Pro), which does export to a vanilla form of Keynote 1 that can be read by either KN2 or 3 and be polished for actual presentation.