Scrivener for Copywriting advice

Hi All

I have just installed Scrivener (W10)

I intend to use it for one purpose. I am a web copywriter and need a text editor with one particular feature.

I need to be able to call up information, for example headline templates, while I am writing a piece of copy. In other words I need to load the headline templates somewhere, from where I can access them easily, select one and paste it into my document. Or even just access information which I can call up, read and then continue working on my document.

I will need to “load” a lot of information into this facility. Then segment and label it so I can find what I need easily.

Is there a way of doing this?

Would be great if anyone telling me how could use the most basic instructions as I am totally unfamiliar with Scrivener at this point. 4 year old level :confused:

Thanks so much.