Scrivener for design studios?

Hi all,
just stumbled across scrivener last night and am very excited about it. We are thinking about using it for many of the writing/documentation aspects related to the design and development process we use in our studio. We design and produce print, animation, video, music, web and video games.

As our projects are quite different all the time, there is a considerable amount of writing & documentation required on projects. UML, MSProject, Omniplan, etc. are completely overkill for us. Usually a simple drawing with some short notes will suffice (for us).

Scrivener seems like a great tool for us to use for proposals, design & production specs, and staging requirements. Was wondering if anyone else used it for a similar purpose. If so, have any tips for us newbs embarking on such things?


Did you ever come across recommendations for using Scrivener in the way you described? I may attempt to use it for an arctectural office in a similar way, so it would be great to know what you discovered from your experience.