Scrivener for epub

I am assembling a tutorial as an ebook. The content will include

  • text
  • images
  • audio
  • video
    and all of that material need to be embedded (not liked to) so that the reader can use it off-line.

I have not found a way to make scrivener include the audio/video in the compiled epub.

Is it possible?

Best regards, Orjan (a newbie)

Here are a few previous threads on this topic:

The last link leads to a way of working where this would be easier to do, using Pandoc Markdown as a writing method in the editor, and using that system to generate the ePub file.

It’s also worth noting that Scrivener can insert raw HTML into the rich text based ePub and KF8 file types. You will very likely still need to handle the media on your own and construct the final .epub, either as a source folder or in an editing tool, but you could at least get the pointers to the media inserted into the output. I posted an extensive guide on how to do something similar to this in this thread, where the intent was to create one’s own figure output so that alt text could be included in the img element.

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That was very useful and saved a lot of time for me,
thank you very much!