Scrivener for iOS and Files app

I have been searching everywhere for a link to the Files app that is mentioned several times in discussion. I want to buy the app, but done know which one it is on the App Store. Can anyone tell me where I can find it and download - what company makes the app?

The Files app is built into iOS since iOS 11. It’s not available for download (or for older versions of iOS).

The Files app comes preinstalled on iOS 11 but you may have deleted it. If so, just browse Apple’s apps on the App Store and install it again. (The previous post is incorrect.)

iOS 10 has the iCloud Drive app, but it disabled by default. Enable it via Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive.

Previous versions of iOS do not provide direct access to files on iCloud Drive.

Note that the Apple Files app cannot be used to share projects with iOS Scrivener. There’s an active investigation toward that end, but it is not currently possible.


This is good news.

Can the user open the Files app and copy a Scrivener file into Scrivener iOS? The ensuing workflow I guess would then be saving a the Scrivener iOS copy and merging the two once back on macOS Scrivener.

It’s not ideal, but better than Dropbox!

No, the Files app cannot be used to send projects to iOS Scrivener.

The alternative to Dropbox is iTunes file sharing.


DropBox can be found in the Apple Appstore (and is free) as with any other App. You’ll need to register with DropBox before you can use it (but, again, it’s free, all you need is an email address).