Scrivener for iOS crashes when accessing camera/camera roll

On the latest iOS (10.3.2), iPhone 6, whenever I try to import from the Camera, Scrivener crashes, or at least it boots me out of the app.

Once recently, iOS asked if I wanted to grant Scrivener access to the camera app, and I tapped “Allow” (this happened after several attempts to import from the camera app), but the crash keeps happening.

I checked the “Privacy->Camera” section of the Settings app, but Scrivener wasn’t listed there. I also checked the Scrivener settings, but it doesn’t list anything regarding the Camera there either.

Apple changed the privacy settings for the Camera in a recent update, and now requires apps to have an extra piece of info built in, without which the app crashes when trying to access the camera (obviously Apple couldn’t just throw an error in this situation…). I have an iOS update with this fix and some other goodies (such as Dark Mode) ready to go - the plan is to release it next week.

All the best,