Scrivener for IOS. Dropbox vinculation

Hi team.
Every time I close Scrivener in my iPad, I need to repeat the vinculation process with Dropbox.
Everything is running fine (including the file syncronization) until I switch to other app. When come back I must repeat the vinculation.
Do you know this issue?.

Additional information: I have the latest version of Scrivener IOS and IOS 14.8.

I can’t answer your technical question, but in order to help those that might, I believe you are talking about linking. I don’t have the full copy of the Oxford English Dictionary handy to check, but as far as I know the word “vinculation” does not exist in English. I only guessed what you meant because I speak Italian.



You’re right.
“Linking” is a correct word. It was a “spanish traslation”. :wink:

I wait you’re questions or suggestions.

Hello again.
This is to close the issue.
It has been resolved with a new fresh installation of Scrivener for IOS.
I apologize and thanks for your support.

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