Scrivener for IOS - itunes shows old file - Bug?

I don’t use dropbox. I have Scrivener on my macbook and my iPad (4th gen, IOS is latest 10x) - I typically hook up my usb cable to my mac, then go into iTunes select the iPad, Apps, then select Scrivener and the *.scriv files on then located on the screen - then I can click/drag to update the one on my mac.

This used to work just fine. But now something odd is going on: I have updated the story contained within a *.scriv file on the iPad; but when I get into iTunes, and look at the screen described above, it shows the *.scriv file was updated a week ago - I copy/paste the file and open and sure enough it only has changes up through about a week ago. But if I open the file in Scrivener for IOS, all my more up-to-date writing is there.

Anyone else run into this?

I haven’t seen anything like that, though I use a different manager than iTunes—it might be a bug with the latter, but I don’t know enough about it to offer any troubleshooting tips. What I would do to be on the safe side is go to the project screen on the iPad, tap the Edit button, select the project and then tap the share button. This will zip up the project so you can easily send it (AirDrop to your Mac might work).

That should at least get the project back on your Mac for now, but it would be a good idea to figure out whatever is going on with iTunes as well.

Thanks - that worked. Hadn’t used AirDrop for this before. I thought maybe after it zipped up the *.scriv file it would have updated something so it showed up correctly in iTunes, but no luck - that file seems to be stuck from a while back. Strange.

My guess would be that iTunes caches what you see and that its cache is out of date. So following that guess, steps like rebooting and maybe even backing up or fully syncing the device might help.

AirDrop is pretty handy for this when it works. It should the other way as well: in that you can send the edited .scriv from your Mac back to the iPad when you’re ready to go. I’ve never had a problem with that method of back-and-forth, save for when AirDrop itself sometimes flakes out and one device or the other doesn’t show up.