Scrivener for ios vs macOS

I know you can write for free, but I’ve gotten so much recommendations for Scrivener and it’s relatively inexpensive so im looking to get it. I’m 100% getting the macOS Version.

My 1st question is about the MacOS and the iPhone/iOS version. I have a iPhone and a Mac so I want both versions. Both apps are different price points. Do I have to buy them separately to get both applications, or can I just buy the macOS version and automatically get the ios for free?

It seems like on Mac you can buy Scrivener on the website and on the App Store. Is there any difference between where I buy it between these two?


Mac Scrivener and iOS Scrivener are separate products requiring separate purchases.

Because of the sandboxing that Apple imposes on App Store applications, the App Store version of Mac Scrivener is unable to use some workflows that require directly invoking other applications. See Section 24.22 in the Mac Scrivener manual for a discussion of what this actually means.

We also don’t submit a new version for App Store approval until after it’s been successfully released to direct sale users. There’ve been a few situations where catastrophic bugs made it into a release, and then the fix (but not the original release!) was delayed by the App Store review cycle. So the App Store version may lag as much as a week or two behind.