Scrivener for iOS - When?

While we would of course love it it if all writers preferred Scrivener, if other software works better for you, you should use it. Ulysses is a fantastic piece of kit, and if you prefer its simplified UI, you should definitely go with that over Scrivener. There’ll be no hard feelings from us, because we like The Soulmen a lot. While Scrivener’s UI will be getting an overhaul this year, it will still be Scrivener and it is never going to be as simple as that of Ulysses because we don’t have any plans to strip back the feature set in the radical way that The Soulmen did with its own 3.0 version (although our iOS version is greatly simplified, of course).

SarsenLintel - the iOS version won’t support Handoff, unfortunately. We looked into it but currently Handoff won’t work well with Scrivener. It also won’t support iCloud out of the gate, as we chose to focus on Dropbox to begin with since we have to support cross-platform, but we’ll be looking at other sync solutions once we’re happy Dropbox is working smoothly post-1.0. The price is still planned to be in the $10-15 range, but this is subject to change.

As for the person suggesting crowd-funding, we rightly pooh-poohed that idea because our sales are very healthy and we most certainly do not need the money. Money has nothing to do with the length of the development process, except for the fact that we are not a multi-million pound company with dozens of programmers (which crowd-funding would not change, at least not ethically!).

Yes, (desktop) Scrivener’s complexity has contributed to the length of time it has taken to develop the iOS version (along with well-documented development hiccups along the way). Had Scrivener been a plain text editor without the structural features it has, we undoubtedly could have churned out an iOS version in six months. If people now prefer greatly simplified apps without all the features of Scrivener, then it may well be that I’m out of touch with what other people want, as I often look at such software and think, “Nice, but it doesn’t do what I need.” But I set out to create a program that does the things I want for my own writing, and that’s what I’ll continue to do. (Not that this means we don’t listen to users - we do, and a great many of Scrivener’s features and refinements have grown out of user feedback. All I mean is that I won’t turn Scrivener into something that isn’t what I want for my own writing, as that would defeat the object for me.) Maybe this will mean that we end up selling only to fellow out-of-touch writers, but hey, I never expected Scrivener to sell so well in the first place anyway. Fortunately, our sales don’t seem to be suffering - quite the opposite - so rumours of our death… etc.

Happy New Year… I guess. :slight_smile: