Scrivener for iOS will be 7+ ?


Just a thought — Will the upcoming (when it’s done) Scrivener for iOS be exclusively iOS v7 and above or will we be able to run it at least on iOS v6+ ?

Any ideas?

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It will require iOS 7+.

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Ah, this is a realy realy realy bad news! But the good news is that by having worked ios, I may have learned to do without ios. This is yet another pathetic example of computing in general and its market. Revolting.

I think - I do not know - that the main reason for this is the resources iOS 7 provides for handling rich text. The alternative - I imagine, although I recall that the developer has written about this - would be to wait longer for L&L to develop its own iOS rich-text system, which - again, I imagine - would be a very large task.

To me, therefore, the decision is neither pathetic nor revolting, but simply common sense.

The views, as users, are infinite, or say that there are as many views as there are users. I do not blame Scrivener. I only regret that progress requires us to follow him. This is pathetic, this is revolting. And if anyone ever finds this sense, it is a lucky one. I dont want IOS 7, IOS 6 is enough for me.
The rest is literature.

Writer, are we?

Assuming you’re not a bot, what exactly do you find revolting? The fact that operating systems evolve, or that software makes use of it?

As Hugh says, the decision to go iOS 7.0 only was entirely predicated on the fact that iOS 7.0 introduced TextKit, a rich text engine. Prior to iOS 7.0, the frameworks only allowed for plain text editing. Applications that provided rich text had to do it either through a web view, which was flaky at best, or roll their own system, programming it from scratch from CoreText. The lack of a rich text system was one of the largest stumbling blocks throughout early development. Thanks to TextKit in iOS 7.0, we now have an editor in the iOS version that can load everything that the desktop editor can load: tables, lists, comments, footnotes, images, Scrivener links, Preserve Formatting blocks, and so on. It means that there is going to be no loss of formatting or data during the syncing process (which would have been necessary on iOS 6.0 and earlier). So the choice was between having to add another six months or so to development time to try to craft something for iOS 6.0, or to go with iOS 7.0 only.

To be honest, I am surprised that a rich text system took so long to come to iOS. I thought it would be there in 5.0 or 6.0. But I’m glad it’s there now.

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I too am revolted. I mean seriously, KB. A smoking metaphor? There could be children reading this.

As always, no way!