Scrivener for iPad

Any idea if Scrivener for iPad will be out this spring? I’m thinking about springing for a MBA if it won’t.

I too would love this. I’m a windows user, but travel with my iPad and looking for something I can use on both. There seem to be quite a few options of Mac/iPad programs, but nothing for Windows and iPad.

I need something that I can write with now. I’ve tried various iPad solutions and find that I need access to the outlines and notes I have in Scrivener to be productive. I hate to spend the money for a mba if Scrivener for iPad is coming soon. Which is why I’m asking.

out of curiosity, what is an ‘mba?’ I have an MBA, but that is a graduate degree and not what I think you are talking about.

MBA in this context probably means MacBook Air.

They can’t set a time-table, because programming is not like an assembly line; every project presents its unique problems, and issues you never dreamed of may crop up and delay it’s completion. I wouldn’t count on it being available at any particular time, though I would guess that if it’s close to being done by October, they may try/hope to release it before November (in time for NaNoWriMo). But if it’s not ready, they’re not going to release it, no matter what the announcement is.

Also of note, the iPad version will never have all of the features of the Windows and Mac versions; the platform just isn’t that sophisticated. So keep in mind that some of your “must have” features may be missing upon release, for years to come, or possibly forever.

Apple make a MacBook Pro, a Mac Pro, a MacBook Air and… a Mac Mini. I think they should rename the Mini the Mac Air.
Can I have a $500,000 consulting fee for my marketing advice?