Up until recently, I was only able to access scrivener via desktop, which greatly limited how much writing I could get done. Most of my writing was done on Evernote and then copied into Scrivener (which will bring me to another point later). There’s another program on iPad called Storyist that does virtually Scrivener does, but isn’t nearly as robust.

Is is possible to create a Scrivener app for the iPad that could sync with the primary program, please?

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Avery K. Tingle
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Storyist does resemble Scriv in several respects……

It’s already underway, with a release date sometime in 2014.

Happy Christmas to one and all. :smiley:

Awesome! Thanks for giving us something to look forward too!


What was your point about working in Evernote and passing it to Scrivener?

I’d be interested to know.