Scrivener for Ipad


I am writing this to ask if there could be an app for the Ipad. I think this would be an awesome app, for me especially. I know me writing this may not do anything, but I would love to make the suggestion because it is something that I would love :smiley:

Thanks :smiley:

Briar Kit, these links are months old.

I have to say, the palpable irritation that the developers and some active forum members display for the enthusiastic, healthy demand for an iOS version of Scrivener is, frankly, bizzare. This is your future customer base! I have been an enthusiastic user of Scrivener OSX for years, but I have since migrated my workflow to iPad and iPhone exclusively and have been forced to use a subpar solution as I patiently wait for L&L to release an iPad version. Every few months I check in to see what kind of progress has been made over at L&L, and each time I browse the forums (because that is the only place you can learn of development details, as the blog is rarely updated), I come away with this sense of irritation. It’s coming, it’s in the works, stop asking, go away, is the sense I get from the L&L community at large.

Contrast that to the way the folks over at Soulmen are handling the release of the iOS version of their popluar writing app Ulysses. There is a blog dedicated to it, that is updated every few days with screenshots to entice would be users. The difference is night and day.

L&L could seriously take a page from these guys.

Err… here’s a thread where the developer left a post just over 24 hours ago… If you read that thread, I doubt if you’ll be left with the impression that anyone’s lacking enthusiasm…

I don’t really understand where you are getting this from. The only irritation shown has been to those getting rude about it: those telling us we have no excuse for the delays, that we clearly haven’t been working hard enough, that it should be “easy” and so on. We’ve never shown irritation with users just looking for updates or being enthusiastic or supportive (at least not to my knowledge, although it’s possible I was having a bad day at some point). I have repeatedly thanked users for their enthusiasm and apologised that we have taken so long, on our blog, in newsletters and on this forum. I’m not sure what else I can do. Hugh has already pointed you to a thread in which I have been posting small updates.

I will start blogging about it closer to release, but frankly, I’m currently coding for between eleven and twelve hours a day working hard to bring users some great updates, and I don’t have much time left to post on the blog. I know users like and appreciate frequent blogs, and we have set it up so that the blog gets updated by a team member at least once a month (or at least we try to), but given all the delays, I have decided not to post too much about the iOS version until we are closer to release because it just frustrates users more to tell them all about it with no firm release date set yet. We’ll start teasing users with screenshots when it’s in public beta, which shouldn’t be too much longer. I agree we’re not the best company when it comes to self-promotion, but we work long and hard to get the code right. (Not that I’m suggesting The Soulmen don’t by the way - we like The Soulmen a lot, they are nice guys who make great software.)


What?!? You mean you are not just a pretty figure head that dictates design with no thought about function and compatibility!?!

I think KB’s account was hacked.

And for those that don’t know me, that is HUMOR.

As one of the ‘frustrated’ forum members longing for the introduction of the iPad version, I have to say I have NEVER seen any post from the L&L team that is other than open and honest about the struggles to get the BEST iOS version of Scrivener out. I can’t recall any ‘palpable irritation’ showing through.

Yes, they’ve had issues, and yes, it’s been mighty frustrating, however, I think I can speak for most if not all of those waiting for a seriously good app.

We’d far rather the approach Keith and team have/are taking and get a polished app, than take up any of the half baked, ‘throw a Microsoft size team at it’ (and other) suggestions.

It would be great to get a little more info from time to time, however I’d rather the team be head down getting the app perfected and ready for prime time than sitting around blogging.


Every time you open the app, it should play to you TO GET YOU IN THE SCRIVENER ZONE OF SUPERSONIC CONCENTRATION…


I really don’t know what’s wrong with you programmers, wasting your time with this so called iOS business. You all need to get up on your chairs, twirl your self around and around ALL THE WHILE SINGING THE SCRIVENER SUPERSONIC CONCENTRATION SONG OF WONDER.


Indeed :exclamation:


I patiently wait for the iPad version, knowing I will get a good product. I merely have to compare similar products to Scrivener, such as as Storyist and Ulysses, to remind myself quality is worth waiting for. Press on…

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Thanks for the kind words and support! The good news is that Tammy now seems to have all syncing working! It will be spending the next fortnight being tested by both Tammy and Ioa before I join in and hammer on it as well. We now really need to get an icon sorted out and start thinking about the iOS tutorial project…