Scrivener for iPad

I have probably seen this question here before, but I forget the answer. Is there a version of Scrivener for the iPad?

Not yet!!! :smiley:

It’s probably a good thing that someone asks this question every now and then. Personally, I think it helps to appease us patient and loyal Scrivener users and followers (did I mention patient?) that the iPad version has not been abandoned.

Just so you know, the third thing I do each and every morning - and weekends are no exception - is jump on my iPad to see if there is any new information about the iPad version of Scrivener.

Considering all the wonderful things that Scrivener does - and does very well, I can only imagine how daunting a full blown sync of a Scrivener project must be. I’m sure y’all are scurrying amongst the code on a bug hunt, and I wish you much success with that. We will continue to be patient and wait until that glorious day when the iPad version is finally released! (Did I mention patient?)

Oh, the wretched agony of waiting… :neutral_face:

Thanks for the replies. I guess we’ll just have to keep waiting patiently.